More than a workout

Classes here will leave you feeling confident, strong & sexy. At Knockout Bodies, we offer a variety of classes for all fitness and skill levels. Our women-only classes offer a serious workout with a fun & flirty flair!

Pole Dance

Learn a choreographed routine, learning a little more each week so that you have a routine to a whole song at the end of the month. Routines incorporate flow and floor work, while showcasing musicality and a theatrical style. This class is geared toward students who have taken an Intro to Pole class and the tricks and moves we do are geared towards beginner level. Do not need to invert, but climbing would be helpful. Heels are welcome, but not required.

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Pole Flow and Floor Work

Slink and slither your way to sexy pole flow. Learn to connect your movement from the floor to the pole with gorgeous transitions. Leg warmers or knee pads are highly recommended for this class to protect your knees during floor work. Heels are not required but recommended.

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Open Studio

Indulge in the opportunity to explore the studio equipment and connect with other students and instructors without the rigidity of a structured class. Swing on the silks, play with the clocks, straps, weights, and more! This class is for you if you love to brush up on skills, put your mind together with others on combos and tricks, and/or expand your fitness routine with freedom. Current students only.

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Pole Tricks

These classes are either geared toward specific skill levels or mixes all levels with combinations and variations of tricks. Be prepared to be inspired as you connect pieces and see how base moves can be modified into new shapes. Must have taken beginner tricks or intro classes, not recommended as a student’s first class.

Pole Tricks Classes: Pole Fundamentals, Pole Tricks (All Levels), and Pole Tricks Int/Adv

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Pole Fitness: Conditioning and Flexibility

Unlock your potential with active flexibility and moves that strengthen while they stretch. This is your power hour to reconnect with your body and breath. In this class, we work on principles using PNF stretching techniques, mindfulness, and partner work to find and release stress while gaining maximum results and improving your recovery time.

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Pole Fitness: Pole Barre

A total body conditioning philosophy combining Corrective Dance Exercises, Ballet Barre, Pilates Ped-o-pull, & Pole. Focused on the core, shoulders, hips, & ankles. Preparing athletes to safely achieve flexibility, strength, & artistry.

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Pole Fitness: Pole Sculpt

Optimize your dance performance & training with a workout created for the demands of a dancer’s body! This Well-rounded conditioning program utilizes zone interval training, plyometrics, and functional strengthening to improve endurance, power, & strength.

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Pole Fitness: Poleates

You don’t have to workout harder, workout smarter! Train yourself to be an efficient finely tuned machine with this core and postural stability program using Pilates exercises on the pole to achieve balance, control, and artistry.

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Pole Fitness: Strengthen and Stretch

Build up your range of motion, strength, and flexibility get your jade splits, heel clacks, and all the bendy, twisty pole moves in your bucket list with this class!.

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Knockout Bodies CLASS Policies:

  • 24 hour notice is required to cancel any class without penalty. All no-shows and late cancellations will be charged.
    • -Monthly Members: All no-shows and late cancellations will automatically be charged $3.00 to the credit card or checking account on file for each no-show or late cancellation.
    • -Punch Card/Drop-In Clients (Non Monthly Members): Full value of class is lost; no-shows and late cancellations may not be re-scheduled.
    • -Classes, Packages, Events, Sessions, Parties & Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

    -Additional CANCELLATION POLICIES apply for Sessions, Special Events, Workshops and Private Parties.