More than a workout

Classes here will leave you feeling confident, strong & sexy. At Knockout Bodies, we offer a variety of classes for all fitness and skill levels. Our classes offer a serious workout with a fun & flirty flair!

Pole Dance

Learn a choreographed routine, learning a little more each week so that you have a routine to a whole song at the end of the month. Routines incorporate flow and floor work, while showcasing musicality and a theatrical style. This class is geared toward students who have taken an Intro to Pole class and the tricks and moves we do are geared towards beginner level. Do not need to invert, but climbing would be helpful. Heels are welcome, but not required. Pre-requisites: Pre-requisites: Not recommended as a first class. Student should be at least at a beginner (Level 1).

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Floor Work Classes

Slink and slither your way to sexy pole flow. Learn to connect your movement from the floor to the pole with gorgeous transitions. Leg warmers or knee pads are highly recommended for this class to protect your knees during floor work. Heels are not required but recommended. If no heels, should wear socks.

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Open Studio

Indulge in the opportunity to explore the studio equipment and connect with other students and instructors without the rigidity of a structured class. Swing on the silks, play with the clocks, straps, weights, and more! This class is for you if you love to brush up on skills, put your mind together with others on combos and tricks, and/or expand your fitness routine with freedom. Current students only.

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Pole Tricks

These classes are either geared toward specific skill levels or mixes all levels with combinations and variations of tricks. Be prepared to be inspired as you connect pieces and see how base moves can be modified into new shapes. Must have taken beginner tricks or intro classes, not recommended as a student’s first class. Sunday's All Levels Pole Tricks class is Co-Ed.

Pole Tricks Classes: Pole Fundamentals, Pole Tricks (All Levels), and Pole Tricks Int/Adv

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Exotic Pole Classes

These classes are sensuality meets fitness. Get fit while exploring your sexy side! Learn basic exotic skills like conditioning your legs, ankles, and feet to walk and dance in heels. Move into learning combos, transitions, and floor work that utilize exotic technique. These classes will unleash your sexy inner goddess! Heels are required and knee pads or leg warmers are highly recommended. This class will be tailored for all skill levels, but is not recommended as a first pole class. Pole dancing in heels is an additional challenge so having some pole experience will make this class easier to enjoy. Exotic Tricks Pre-requisites: Not recommended as a first class. Student should be at least at a beginner level. Exotic Power Pole Pre-requisites: Must be at least a Level 2 AND have take two Exotic Tricks classes or receive prior approval from studio owner.

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Pole Fitness Classes

All of our pole fitness classes will get you in tip top shape to be performing at your best for all of your bucket list tricks and dance moves! Classes: Poleates, Flexibility and Conditioning, Pole Barre, Bootcamp, Strengthen and Stretch

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Power Pole

This class focuses on training the body to hit those power moves on the pole. From dynamic static tricks and transitions to spin pole technique, this class will take your routine to the next level. This class will put together combos and routines that emphasize high power, high energy moves, while creating flow and connection between tricks. This is considered a tricks class and is suitable for intermediate/advance level (Level 2/3)students. Pre-requisites: Student must be at a Level 2 or above AND have taken at least three tricks classes as a Level 2.

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Three Ring Circus

Come sample aerial hammock, Silks, and lyra! During class we will learn basics on each apparatus as well as learn how different movements can transfer from one apparatus to another. This class is best suited for beginners with little to no aerial experience.

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Aerial Classes

Designed for beginners of all fitness levels, get ready to break a sweat while we learn the basics and work on building sequences on aerial hammock and silks. Get ready to break a sweat while we learn the basics and work on building sequences on aerial hammock and silks. For all fitness levels Classes include: Aerial Fundamentals and Aerial Flow and Stretch.

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