Welcome to Knockout Bodies ~ Women's Pole Dance & Fitness Studio!


At Knockout Bodies, we offer a variety of classes for all fitness and skill levels.  Our classes offer a serious workout with a fun & flirty flair!   At Knockout, you’ll get more than a workout; classes here will leave you feeling confident, strong & sexy.  All classes are for women only.



Pole Classes


Please wear shorts (shorter is preferred for safety) and a tank top or sports bra for all pole classes. Classes are barefoot, stilettos are optional for advanced students.  There is a 225 lb. weight limit for pole classes due to equipment limitations.  All pole classes are for ages 18+.


Intro to Pole:  This beginner level class will introduce you to the basics of pole dancing & pole tricks. Pole 101 offers a broad introduction to basic tricks and techniques such as: basic hand grips and holds, foundation spins and transition moves.  Intro to Pole will give you a foundation to build on in our other pole classes (also offered as a 4-week session).


Pole Dance:  Dance:  For all skill levels, learn a choreographed routine on the pole! Class will begin with a warm-up, followed by a breakdown of choreography and dancing.


Pole Tricks: 

Beginner:  Class will focus on tricks and techniques such as: transition moves, basic hand grips & holds and foundation spins, and will progress to more complex moves and inverts.  Instructor will demonstrate a trick & then assist/spot students as they master the technique.

Intermediate/Advanced:  Student must master inversion before attending this advanced class.


Pole Fitness:  Classes are designed to help you build the strength, flexibility & stamina for pole and general fitness.  Pole Fitness classes are workout classes ~ no pole dance or pole tricks experience necessary!  Be sure to bring a water bottle & indoor tennis shoes for fitness classes.

Sculpt:  Build flexibility for dance, pole and wellness!  Class will begin with a warm up and ballistic motions (kicks, leg lifts, movements with fluid/wide range of motion). Static stretches, and finally stretches on the pole will leave you feeling long and lean.  Please wear an extra layer to stay warm for stretching: leggings or leg warmers, socks & long sleeves.

Flexibility:  Increase range of motion & flexibility to take your pole tricks to the next level.

Pole Cardio:  Work up a sweat in this fast paced class and experience full body toning using the pole as a fitness tool.


Aerial Silks


Aerialates:  Classes combine silks with Pilates for a beautiful full-body workout as you swing & climb.  Beginner session is required.


Please wear leggings/ tights.  Class will be done barefoot.  No jewelry or long nails will be allowed in class.




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