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Which classes are best for beginners?

Our 4 week Intro to Pole sessions are offered every month and are designed for beginners with little to no experience. Our Pole Fundamentals class is offered as a drop in class during the week. This class is designed as the next step for student who have taken our intro to pole session or who are new to pole and want to try it out.

Pole Dance and Low Pole Flow classes are for all skill levels. It is highly recommended that you attend an Intro to Pole class before jumping into Pole Dance.

Pole Tricks classes are divided into beginner, intermediate/advanced, and all-levels classes. Stick to the beginner classes until you are comfortable and confident. It is also highly recommended that you attend an Intro to Pole class before attempting Pole Tricks.

Pole Fitness classes are designed for all fitness and skill levels, and do not require previous pole or dance experience.

Exotic Pole classes are designed for those who are comfortable in the pole fundamentals tricks class and are ready to start dancing in heels.

Aerial Fitness classes are designed for to get an awesome workout while building skills needed to take to the sky. Great for all fitness levels.

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What to wear to a pole class

Shorts (shorter is better) & a sports bra or tank top are best for class. Bare skin is best for gripping the pole, fabric is slippery. Underwear is not acceptable attire. Beginner classes are done barefoot, high heels are not recommended for beginners. Please bring indoor shoes for pole fitness classes, street shoes will not be allowed in the studio.

What to wear to an aerial class

Leggings and tank top are appropriate for class. Avoid loose clothing as that can get in the way of transitioning on the silks. Classes are done barefoot.

*Do not apply lotion to your hands or legs the day of any Pole class. (If you have extremely dry skin during our MN winters, you may apply a light lotion in the morning. We like Vaseline brand lotion, with no silicone to leave you slippery). *Please leave your jewelry and watches at home!

Do I need to sign up for class?

Pole classes tend to fill up fast. You should pre-register online to reserve your spot in class

We do accept walk-ins if space is available. We do cancel class if the class minimum has not been met 2 hours before class is scheduled. If you are a walk-in, it is recommended to check online to be sure class is still on the schedule or if there is space.

I am out of shape and have no dance experience; is Pole or Aerial for me?

Pole and Aerial Fitness are great ways to get in shape and build the strength & stamina. Previous dance experience is not required for our Intro and Beginner classes. We can teach you everything you need to know

What is recommended for someone new to pole or aerial?

We have several options for new students:

• First class introductory offer $10. Use discount code POLENEWBIE001 to get $10 off your first class. Class recommendations for new students – any of our pole fitness classes are a great way to try pole for the first time. Our pole dance class is also a great option for a new student. This class incorporates intro level tricks to a choreographed routine.

• Starter Unlimited 1 Week Membership $39 – You can try all our classes, as many as you want, for one week! Get a taste of all our classes and our instructors for one week.

• Intro to Pole 4-Week Sessions - Curious about Pole Dancing? This 4 week course is just for you! Designed for beginners of all fitness levels, you'll learn a choreographed routine while learning basic pole grips, spins, tricks & pole dance. No dance or pole experience is necessary. At the end of 4 weeks, you'll feel confident & ready to jump into all of our pole classes!