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Rhiannan Nichole Workshops

Coming to Knockout Bodies February 1st – Ms. Rhiannan Nichole!

For one night only, Rhiannan will be in the Twin Cities at Knockout Bodies for workshops and private lessons!

Rhiannan Nichole’s Bio:
With over 15 years of pole dance experience under her belt, Rhiannan Nichole is considered a pioneer of pole dancing. Starting as a stripper at 18 years old, Rhiannan
took her love for the sexy side of pole dancing and opened her own studio in the hopes of teaching other women how to love and express their sexuality unapologetically. Now Rhiannan is known
for staying true to the old school style of pole dancing, rooted in sex but solidified with proper technique. Her smooth and hypnotic style of perpetual-motion flow, undulating body movement,
meticulous technique, and seductive isolations transgress any definition of what pole dance should be and instead teaches how pole dance should feel to each individual student. Rhiannan’s keen eye for lines and creativity for the stage has made her a champion coach of the Premier Pole competition team – earning her choreography more than 40 medals in the last 5 years. And when she’s not busy tackling the world of pole dance one pirouette at a time, she’s hanging out with her hubby, 3 daughters, and 3 fluffy fur babies.
For up to date videos on what Rhiannan is up to and what she’s working on, check out
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Signature Tricks
90 minute Workshop price: $70
February 1st @ 5:30pm
This workshop is packed full of Rhiannan’s favorite creations and most well known tricks, both on the floor and on the pole. You’ll be spending time on both static and spinning pole while
getting acquainted with Broken Bridge, Reverse Elbow Suspension, Master Split, the Chiropractor, and the Kip Whip. Don’t worry, Rhiannan’s signature movement-motivated warm up will get your body ready to respond as well as teach you some bonus choreography you can incorporate into your freestyle dances. Remember, Rhiannan preaches the importance of transitions between your tricks, not just the tricks themselves. So you’ll also be working on smooth transitions in and out of these movements with full extension in your limbs, interaction with your body, and connection with
your audience. This workshop is for advanced students only. Heels are definitely helpful but not mandatory.
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Base Work & Floor Flow
90 minute Workshop price: $70
February 1st @ 7:15pm
Learn a routine choreographed by Rhiannan, of slinky floor tricks and flow around the base of the pole. This routine will be dripping with Rhiannan’s signature fluid movement and floor tricks like the Venus Fly Trap and Kip Whip. We’ll be working on isolations, knee circles, and punctuated maneuvers that give your dance interest and keep your audience invested. Think old school
stripper flow flavored with new school exotic spice. Like any choreographed workshop with Rhiannan, this one is deceivingly difficult. Just because it’s floor, doesn’t mean it’s easy. Students will definitely need to be of an intermediate skill level or higher to benefit from this curriculum. Shoes are mandatory for this workshop and leg warmers are VERY helpful. Because this is a choreographed workshop, Rhiannan needs her own pole for the entire class.
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