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Put a new spin on your fitness routine at Knockout Bodies!

We offer aerial, pole, dance, and fitness classes that are different than anything you see at the gym!

Like dancing in heels? We got you covered! Want to increase strength? No problem! Just wanna dance? We do too!

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Pole Dance In Minneapolis

Knockout Bodies


The mission of Knockout Bodies is to provide quality and safe instruction by applying the latest dance science research, fostering a safe and inviting space for students to explore dance, fitness, and the pole and aerial arts, and to promote wellness, community, and connection through movement.


When anyone asks us why we do what we do, we say one thing:
“We are not in the business of changing what you see in the mirror. We are in the business of changing how you see yourself in the mirror!”

Dancing with the feet is one thing...

Dancing with in the air is quite another!


Knockout Bodies Studio

Tour the Facility

Our beautiful studio is conveniently located in the Northeast Minneapolis, just minutes from downtown.

Our studio has free parking behind the building and on the street. Don’t worry, parking is never an issue! We are walking distance to some amazing restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries.

Please note that we do not have classes all the time, and therefore our studio may be locked up at times.  Our studio is a place to unwind and have some me time. Because of that, we lock the doors while classes are in session for the safety and respect of our students. Doors open 15 minutes prior to class starting – Just ring the bell!

Knockout Bodies is a:

Studio Policies

Jewelry and long-nails are not allowed in any aerial silk or pole class. Please leave jewelry and valuables at home.
Street shoes are not allowed in the Knockout Studio. Be sure to bring clean, dry sneakers for classes requiring shoes or plan to go barefoot.
To avoid injuries & class disruptions, those arriving more than 10 minutes after the start of class will not be allowed to participate.
Pole Classes are ages 18+ and are gender inclusive except for specifically labeled classes.  Aerial classes are 15+ and are gender inclusive.

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My favorite part of being a part of our studio is our community. Different souls, different life experiences, different interests, and we can all come together and find support with each other. We truly lift each other up and have fun with each other. I’ve witnessed true, genuine joy when a fellow student gets a move they’ve been working on for months, I’ve witnessed sadness and pain being held and comforted, and I’ve witness the realization that we are all profound creatures in search of sovereignty of our own bodies and our own movement. All of that within our own studio. All because of our community. In our studio we can be fierce and we can be vulnerable, we can be sexual and we can strong. ...

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Workshop Alert!
Did you know about 80% of our communication is NON-VERBAL? This course is designed to break patterns of thought and habitual movement when we dance. We will study slow and sensual movements known in the pole dance world, what it is to BE in our body, and redefine how we move with the use of body language.

You can expect to further connect with your own desires and see how it shows up in your dance. This course is not an aerial experience and zooms in on the micro details of expression. Compatible with all levels of experience. Intro to pole completion required.

** Bring knee pads and/or leg warmers. Bring a notebook and something to write with. Heel friendly! Dress for what you wish to feel when we move, but no nudity or pasties.

90 minute in person workshop - $40

This workshop has a virtual option as well for this wishing to participate at home.

90 minute virtual option - $30
Click link to sign up for the virtual option

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August Challenge Coming Your Way!!
Welcome to Summer School. Wanna be the teacher's pet? This 4 week challenge will get you a front seat and an A+ and the winners get prizes!!!

Challenge timing: August 1- August 31st
How to Play?
1. Attend 4 classes for the month - Earn 5 points
2. Attend 8 classes for the month - Earn 10 points
3. Attend 12+ classes for the month - Earn 15 points

Earn Extra Credit!
1. Attend a weekend class in August - Earn 1 extra point
2. Refer a new non-Groupon punch card (4 or 8 class only) student - Earn 5 extra points
3. Become a studio member - Earn 20 extra points
4. Refer a new intro series student - Earn 2 extra points
5. Earn 1 extra point for every dollar spent in August on workshops, intro series, punch cards, or merchandise

How to get referral points? The student that was referred must email the studio with the name of the student that referred them after their purchase has been made.

The top 5 leaders will be announced weekly in our student FB page. Winners will be announced live on Sept 2nd. There will be prizes for 1st and 2nd place.

-$25 gift card to Venus Unveiled
-A Knockout Bodies branded face mask
-Cleo Bottoms of choice
-Gift Card to Thirsty Whale Bakery
-plus some little surprises!

#beaknockout #knockoutbodies #augustchallenge

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